Thursday, February 24, 2011

Menopause and Hormone Therapy

Are you undecided about hormone therapy and which to choose if you decide to try it?

I read the articles a few years ago about HRT causing cancer and did not even consider trying it when "my time" came. I used supplements from my health food store to alleviate my symptoms during perimenopause. My symptoms now from menopause are few but I don't have the energy or well being I had when I was younger.

Then I ready some of Suzanne Somers' books and her discussions on bioidentical hormones. I researched them and found that I couldn't afford to try these hormones so I've suffered with my symptoms.

But then I read today's Champagne Living blog about a line of bioidentical hormones that are affordable for the average person, namely me! Zippy also has an added bonus -- a giveway of At Last Naturals bioidentical hormone products to one lucky winner. You can bet that I'll be trying for this prize myself. If you'd like your chance at this giveaway too head on over to

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